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Technology Commercialization

Technology Readiness Levels

Technology Readiness Levels and corresponding funding and investment gaps in the innovation process based on the technology readiness level.

Startups are creative and innovative; they often disrupt the market by commercializing new technology. Unfortunately, most new technologies die in the "Valley of Death" and never get commercialized. To cross this gap between prototypes and commercial products, we work closely with scientists, researches and engineers to find the best end customer for their platform technology. This task is not easy because we need to evaluate market attractiveness for a number of different segments before we can settle on the optimal product-market fit.

Commercialization Plan for SBIR/STTR Grants

Our clients use our technology-product-market fit report to include it into the grant proposals (SBIR, STTR) so they can dramatically increase probability of a win. The report identifies the market segments being targeted, plans to gain customer acceptance of the product or service, and analysis of potential competition.They can also use the report to evaluate a business viability of their research before they decide to spin a company.

Technology -- Product -- Market Fit

We help our clients engaged in R&D capitalize on their innovation capabilities by offering interim executive and business development support needed to launch new products to the market.
  • Identify the most attractive entry and expansion market segment for the technology (determine target market size, market growth rate, analyze competition and substitute products)
  • Conduct the feasibility study necessary to secure financing for client's business (develop a financial model and a business plan document)
  • Negotiate licensing agreements with University Tech Transfer office
  • Negotiate strategic alliances, joint ventures
  • Advise on intellectual property management, patent strategies
Crossing a Chasm

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