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Market Research

To achieve steady and growing revenue, companies have to keep adjusting their product or service offering to keep accommodating ever-changing customer's tastes and preferences. We provide our customers market research service that includes the following business intelligence information that they can use to make informed decisions: customer discovery, target market segmentation, competitor research, and industry research.

Part-time CMo for Small Businesses and Startups

Can your startup or a small business afford a full time Chief Marketing Officer? Probably not.

Our founder, Dragana Mendel, fills the role of a Chief Marketing Officer on part-time basis for your small business, for a fraction of the cost, so you can still have an expert in charge of strategic marketing and planning.

customer discovery, market segmentation

Customer Discovery

The most common reason for business under-performance is the mismatch between a product offered and customer needs. Because of that, it is critically important to understand the ever-changing needs of your customers so you can create the product that fits their preferences and then sell it trough preferred distribution channel.
We will design and deploy surveys, create questions for individual interviews or focus groups, and then analyze the results. Based on the compiled results, we can then recommend the optimal customer acquisition system, pricing strategy, client lifetime value and retention techniques.

Target market segment


Our target market segment report delivers to you an detailed knowledge of your target customer in terms of market size, growth rate, and buying behavior changes. This information helps product managers, small business owners and startup founders determine market attractiveness and go-to-market feasibility before they decide to launch a new product or a service.

Industry Research

Our industry research report compiles and summarizes the most relevant data and trends for your business. We provide the current trends in our industry in terms of market size, anticipated growth rate, customer demographics, technology changes, regulatory changes, economic indicators, and best practices.

Business competition

Competitor Research

Because competition never sleeps, we strategically expose hidden dangers and opportunities in the marketplace.
However, most small business owners are too busy to set aside time needed to perform competitive intelligence once or twice per year. We can help by keeping an eye on your competition, their new product or service launches, pricing changes, and advertising frequency. Our competitor research report helps small businesses maintain their competitive advantage and stay relevant to their customers.

We have access to Market Research reports from:
Gartner Group, Lexis Nexis, Frost and Sullivan, IBIS World, Mintel, etc.

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