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What we Do For our Clients?

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    Alter existing investment documents and/or create new ones
    First, we evaluate your current business model and any existing documents; then we work with you to improve your go-to-market strategy, customer acquisition process; finally, we write for you investor-ready documents (pitch-book and a business plan).
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    Prepare you for meeting with investors
    Perfect documents are necessary, but presentation by startup CEO seals the deal because investors invest in people. Nothing is more important than quickly and clearly articulating the value proposition company offer to its customers, and then ROI for the investors.
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    Significantly reduce time it takes to raise funds
    We ensure that our clients have pitch and investment documents in perfect order before they start reaching out to investors.


Investors see thousands of teasers and business plans, so they are very quick to spot inflated and unrealistic financial numbers. Be as accurate as you can be in your financial projections and realistic.

Investor Ready Consulting for Startups

Companies seeking funding from external investors, such as venture capitalists, face an uphill, time consuming battle, particularly if they are located outside of hotbed of private equity industry, Silicon Valley and New York/Boston area. We can reduce the time CEO startups spent courting investors by ensuring the company is "investor-ready" before they reach out at start setting up meeting with investors.


We have seen hundreds of investors' pitches, worked with number of entrepreneurs to improve their pitch and secure funding, and we maintain confidential relationship with regional angel investors and venture capitalists.

Our rule of the thumb is that the shorter the document is, the harder is to write it, and more iterations are required to make it succinct and attractive to financial investors.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary, ready in entirety by most investors and strategic partners is the most important paragraph you will write and at the same time the most difficult one to write. The challenge is to succinctly describe your business model, financial potential and ROI opportunities for your investors.


Teaser is one or two pages long document that includes a brief statement of the company's market opportunity; key management's background; the company's products, services, or solutions; summary financial information; and a description of the use of proceeds of the financing. Teaser shouldn't have any confidential information as it is used to solicit the interest from potential investors and secure a meeting with them.


Pitch-book – Presentation for Investors

Pitch-book is the presentation that has about dozen slides and you will take with you to present to potential investors. Use power point visuals to enhance your verbal delivery of the financial opportunity that your startup brings to investors. Opening statement focuses on the value proposition, followed by market opportunity, addressable target market, competitive advantage (never ignore your competition), go-to-market strategy, team, financial projections, milestones and fundraising amount you are seeking today.

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Business Plan and Business Model

Business Plan document along with business model is the key document that potential investors will use during a due diligence phase as they evaluate financial attractiveness of your company.

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