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Business Plan Reviews

If you already have a business plan, our experienced consultant will read the document you send and provide you a feedback from the investor point of view. Depending on your needs, we offer two levels of business plan review services:

  • 1
    Standard Business Plan Review: $299

    Two hours reviewing client's materials and preparing a brief written evaluation of presented business plan and financial model. Followed by 30 minutes of telephone consultation to answer client's questions and offer additional guidance.

  • 2
    Detailed business plan review: $999

    Reviewing client's materials for two days, while preparing a detailed written evaluation, and making as many improvements to your business plan and financial model as time allows. Followed by a 60 minutes of telephone consultation to answer your questions and offer additional guidance.

Business Plan Reviews are heavily discounted, entry-level services that our clients can use to get to know our consulting firm work style.

Most SBA Loan Applications require a Business Plan.

Business Plan Alteration

We help our clients develop up to date business plan document that reflects the current state of their business model or suggest changes to it based on the changes in the market place. Because competition never sleeps, customer tastes constantly change and evolve, and technology is speeding up operations, business owners have to be aware of these changes and ensure that they evaluate company's strategy every year and ensure that any changes reflected are in a business plan document.

Having a business plan doubles probability of raising funds to grow the company, yet only 40% of businesses actually write one.

Business Plans

Historically, under-capitalization has been consistently cited as the second most common reason for a business failure. Fortunately, companies that have an active business plan document are twice as likely to obtain necessary finding and grow compared to ones that do not have a business plan. Unfortunately, only 40% of businesses spend time and energy to actually write a business plan document.

Our firm specializes in working with startups and small business owners; we identify our client's unique competitive advantage, target customer segments, and go-to-market strategy as we put together a strong, investor-ready business plan.

Business Plan writing

Business Plan Writing

We can help you create a new business plan document if you don't have time or experience writing one. This service is ideal for a small business owner that is looking to get a SBA loan, external funding, create a joint venture, or expand the current portfolio. Budding entrepreneurs who are not yet certain that their idea can work in the market space, can use our business plan preparation service to get the answers they need regarding the financial viability of their vision.

  • A written business plan document captures: unique value proposition for client's product/service, portfolio, comprehensive market research for the target customer, competition, strategy, implementation, and a financial plan.
  • Analyze the current market situation, changes in the industry and competition.
  • Plan for new product development or new service offering that expands your portfolio.
  • Capture existing business model in a business plan document for the purpose of establishing line of credit, forming a strategic partnership, etc.

Business Model Design

Business Model Canvas

Picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a Business Model Canvas concept designed by Alex Osterwalder, author of bestselling Business Model Generation book and seminars is the picture that a number of venture capitalists and investors would like to see. Business Model is built on nine key building blocks that interlock together to show how does the company serve its customers, makes revenue and pays for the internal operations: customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnerships and cost structure. Designing a business model is very efficient tool for startups that are still seeking the best path to the market, for existing businesses that are seeking to introduce new products or services, or for companies that are looking for new ways to grow their revenues or streamline the operations.

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