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We Serve Entrepreneurs

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    We reduce the time CEO startups spent courting investors by ensuring the company is "investor-ready" ahead of the fund-raising process.
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    Small Businesses
    Most small business owners are so busy running their business that they don't time or resources for strategic planning. We help them with market strategies, market research, operational improvements and overall strategy for a business growth.
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    Researchers and Innovators
    We work with University researches and innovators to find the most viable path to the market for their patented or proprietary technology.
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    Experienced Professionals
    We work with professionals who contemplate to leave their corporate job and launch their own business. Because they are very busy, we validate the business idea they have, develop a viable business model and corresponding business plan document to mitigate the risk of leaving a steady paycheck.

Business Growth Consulting

Our mission is to help our clients, small and medium size technology businesses, startups, achieve sustainable growth and increase profitability by providing them strategic management consulting services.

Strategic Planning and Advising

Monthly retainer is offered to clients to have an access to consultant for advising, feedback, document review, meeting attendance with major stakeholders, and small scale market research type of deliverables:

  • $1,200/month retainer for up to 8 hours (one work day) of consultant's time
  • $2,400/month retainer for up to 16 hours (two work days) of consultant's time

It is suggested to evaluate and/or renew retainer relationship with a client once in three months.

Short Term Hourly Advising

We understand that not everyone is ready to enter into months long strategic marketing consulting agreement. Because of that, we offer hourly consulting for small businessesand entrepreneurs that just need constructive, confidential feedback and actionable advice.

Project based fee pricing

We do not believe in hourly fee pricing because it increases customer anxiety due to uncertainty regarding what the final cost of the consultant's work will be.

As we engage with a client, we discuss in detail the project at hand, then we set a comprehensive proposal outlining deliverables, time-line and a final price.

Upon client approval of the proposal, we start working on execution. With this approach, our clients know upfront exactly what the cost of the consulting engagement will be and how long it will last.

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