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eBook: Demystifying Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs

eBook: Demystifying Venture Capital for First Time Entrepreneurs

Get this eBook to learn if your startup has a potential to be funded by a venture capital fund. If so, develop and plan for effective fundraising process.

Crossing the chasm SBIR/STTR

Podcast: How to Find Technology-Product-Market Fit to Win SBIR/STTR Grants

In this hour long podcast with InternK we discuss why is it difficult to find a proper technology-product-market fit for startups that apply for SBIR/STTR grants.

Presentation: early employee evaluate startup viability

Presentation on Startup Ecosystem at Duke University

An hour long presentation advising early employees how to evaluate a business viability of a startup.

Radio Interview: Go-To-Market Strategy

Why is it important to develop a go-to-market strategy prior to a new product or service launch? How to conduct customer discovery process?

White Paper: Bootstrap or raise capital for a new company?

What is a difference between a high growth startup that need venture capital to grow and a "main street" business that grows organically?

eBook: Internet Summit 2015

50+ pages of actionable marketing advice and best practices for small businesses and startups. Angel and venture capital startup investment trends in 2015.

Download here.

small business office building

Guidebook: four office space options for startups & small businesses in Triangle, NC

What type of space would fit your business the best? Office park lease, subletting, incubator, accelerator?

Article: SBA Loans

A loan officer reads about 10 small business loan applications per day!To increase the probability of getting an approval, make sure that you provide easy to ready business plan.

$FIT vs Jawbone case study

Case Study: Bootstrap vs Venture Funding

How did FitBit Bootstrap Its Way to a Market Leader? Leadership team that mostly bootstraps a successful new business excels in execution, customer acquisition and operational efficiencies. In contrast management that excels in easy venture capital raise, can be lulled into complacency.

Article: essential components of a business plan

Where are good business plans? Why entrepreneurs are not taking time to write a good business plan?